A Decade of Excellence: BitGo's 10-Year Crypto Journey and Forward Focus BitGo's next-generation wallet solution will drive business growth for customers in a more regulated future

2023-04-18 21:21:10
BitGo's mission is to deliver trust in digital assets. Over the past decade, we have delivered institutional-grade, regulated and scalable wallets to large fintech and crypto platforms, global brands, established institutions, governments and developers.

Since 2013, our company has experienced tremendous growth, transforming from a provider of SaaS products to a powerful software development platform and a trusted provider of financial services. Many of our valued clients have been with us since our inception and have grown with us since then, taking advantage of our expanded service offerings. In addition to our regulated and qualified custody services, we also provide clients with a range of other services such as trading, pledging, lending, collateral management and introduction of funds.

Wallets are essential for anyone who wants to explore the world of cryptocurrencies and web3. Whether you are an individual, institution, business, or developer, having a safe, secure, and scalable wallet is critical. As a leading wallet company, BitGo recognizes this need and is committed to providing accessible wallet solutions that enable businesses to grow confidently in a regulated environment. BitGo is committed to meeting the changing needs of our customers and the wider crypto ecosystem.